Water Management

_DSC6542+1_-1p0Signature Municipal Water Sector Projects form the basis of a long and strong inventory of the TUSPL repertoire. The following services are offered by us as part of water management projects in India and abroad:

Water Resource Management: Since we live in a closed system with finite water quantity, optimum resource utilization is the focus of all our water sector projects. We develop, design, execute and realize projects from creation of water storages, abstraction and treatment, transmission and distribution to the last consumer. We also develop and design wastewater collection, transmission and treatment and recycle and reuse systems including sludge and leachate management on municipal scale for large cities and metros.

Water Conservation: Water once used becomes wastewater. But to convert wastewater to usable water involves huge expense and energy. Conservation on the other hand costs nothing, hence the stress on conservation. We also design rainwater harvesting and purification systems.

Water Economics: The next World War will be for water. Sustainable growth and economy will thrive where water will be available in plenty and at the right price. We devise and advise the water engineers to put in place the right mix of differential pricing for various kinds of consumers. The water economics essentially revolves around the following:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Finance & Procurement
  • Contract Design (EPC & PPP variants)
  • Tarrif Policy & Modelling

Hydraulic Modelling & Engineering: TUSPL has the most modern software and storage facilities to engineer tailor made solutions for all customers, customised for their respective geo-physical and cultural setting. This enables our planning and design teams to take on complex and challenging assignments in the plains, deserts and hills for cities and townships covering areas of a few hundred square kilometres.

Waste Water Management: Wastewater is an asset and the beginning of the water cycle. TUSPL assists the customers to develop holistic solutions to their wastewater management issues. Our pragmatism and constant search for the most optimal process and technology options derived from global best practices position us at the forefront of other agencies. We conceptualize, plan, design and execute -

  • Wastewater Collection & Conveyance System
  • Wastewater treatment/reclamation
  • Faecal Sludge & Septage management
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Air quality, odor control and safety management
  • Integrated resource management
  • Master and facility planning
  • Pre Tender Services (Conceptual design, Feasibility studies, Detail design & Cost estimating)
  • Bid Process & Transaction Advisory Services
  • Project management Quality assurance and quality control
  • Operations and management supervision & Independent Engineering Services

Sustainable Water Management: Sustainable Water Management is central to the sustenance of the planet Earth. With this central theme we develop our water and wastewater management solutions. In our quest for water management, we have provided our clients and customers the most ideal solutions for very large treated wastewater recycle plants involving membrane processes, thereby saving hugely on life cycle costs and on the plant footprint in a Metro. The various aspects include (but are not limited to) -

  • Conveyance & Storage Systems
  • Surface water treatment
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Water Reuse & Recycling
  • Membrane filtration (Micro / Ultra / Nano / Reverse Osmosis)
  • Desalination, Brine and concentrate management
  • UV disinfection
  • Advanced oxidation
  • Natural treatment systems
  • Municipal Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Intake & Transmission Systems
  • Master planning for sustainable utilities
  • Operations and management supervision & Independent Engineering Services

Integrated & Intelligent Solutions: Seamless integration of AI (artificial intelligence) by way of automation and instrumentation into our water and wastewater management and handling systems is organic to our culture.

  • SCADA System Designs
  • Real Time Data Integration & Visualization
  • System Automation
  • Building Information Modelling

Asset Management: All water management systems are crafted to optimize the life cycle costing of the projects. The project assets are managed using intelligent and efficient systems including -

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Operations and management supervision & Independent Engineering Services
  • Water Information Management

Achievements in Water Supply Sector

Total Design Capacity : 2210 MLD
Total cost : Rs. 3110 Cr.
Distribution Network : 1100 km
ESR : 67 Nos.
MBR : 3 Nos.
WTP : 800 MLD
Dam : 860 MLD
Transmission Network : 124 km