All activity on Planet Earth generates waste as the cost of living here. From a practical standpoint the generated waste is a resource which has intrinsic value. The handling, management, treatment, recycle and final disposal of waste of all types is a major challenge to engineers and planners. At TUSPL we specialize in providing end to end solutions to all waste management problems.

Waste Types

Municipal Solid Waste: All the waste generated within municipal limits of the ULBs and comprising diverse materials and products, having inorganic and organic (bio-degradable) content.

Construction & Demolition Waste: All the waste arising out of demolition of old structures and construction of new comprising mostly recyclable components after due processing

e-Waste: Waste generated due to disposal of fast moving and obsolete electronic equipment like mobile handsets to large data processing systems, household white goods, and the entire spectrum of embedded AI components of transportation machinery…the list is endless….

Bio-Medical Waste: All the waste arising out of our healthcare facilities having infectious and radioactive components.

Hazardous Waste: Waste arising out of manufacture of chemicals, pharma, paints and metal compounds, solvents and petrochemicals, explosives and pyrotechnics.

Industrial Waste: Waste generated by the various types of manufacturing industries across sectors

Services and Scope

Policy & Strategy: We interact with the stakeholders to formulate policy and strategy for comprehensive waste management and recycle

Public Sensitization & Targeted Intervention: Sensitization of general public and their involvement and interventions are designed to boost their confidence and participation as stakeholders in waste management projects

Collection & Transportation Planning: Assessment of needs for collection and movement of waste intra – city to the processing plants and disposal points. Expert advice on at source segregation, collection systems, transportation modes and machines, transfer stations, bulk carriers and transportation management, vehicles tagging, tracking and surveillance, vigilance systems and security issues.

Waste Processing Facility: Concept to commissioning assistance for the planning, design operation, maintenance of waste processing plants including state of the art and contemporary process plants for refuse derived fuels (RDF), compost, bio-gas generation; cleaning and storage,

Resource Recovery (composting, plastic recovery, metal recovery etc.): Recovery of all components of value, their marketing and value engineering for reuse

Waste to Energy: Processing of inorganic components for refuse derived fuels for use in boilers for power generation and also the processing of bio-degradable component for gas generation for use in gas turbines for power generation

Scientific Landfill Design & Management: We design scientific landfills conforming to the mandated standards of engineering to reduce the carbon footprint and optimized land use.

Landfill Gas Recovery: This component is part of the landfill design.

Leachate Recovery, Recirculation & Treatment: We design landfills for minimal leachate generation, collection, conveyance and treatment and its final disposal in safe and secure environment

Bio Mining & Land Reclamation: We design bio-mining solutions for existing landfills and dump-sites with the objective of land recovery for better uses for the ULBs.