We  at Tandon Urban Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (TUSPL) (formerly known as Tandon & Associates) provide services covering ‘Lifecycle of Infrastructure’ which extends from initial inception, detailed engineering through contract award and service delivery, including feasibility studies; financial modeling, structuring and planning; risk evaluation; developing procurement process; bid process management; contract designing; PPP(P3) transaction structuring; preparation of information memorandum; mitigate risks, minimize costs; project financing; and contract development and negotiations; Project management; technical auditor; independent advisor and engineers; performance auditing; augmentation and rehabilitation of utilizes. TUSPL is always, sensitive to the need for delivering the best possible value for money and world class services to consumers.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) core competencies:

  • PPP policy and institutional framework development
  • Project identification, screening prioritization, master plan and selection
  • Feasibility analyses (technical, economic, tariff, and project financing)
  • Transaction structuring, financing and procurement strategies
  • Design performance specifications/regime
  • Design procurement strategy
  • Stakeholder liaison/management
  • Transaction bid and tender preparation, tendering/procurement assistance, and negotiation
  • Public awareness and stakeholder consultation
  • Bid evaluation, award, and negotiation
  • Performance monitoring, contract compliance and dispute resolution
  • PPP service delivery

Regulation core competencies:

  • Policy, legislative, and legal requirements for effective regulation
  • Designing regulatory institutions and their financial instruments
  • Creating regulatory rules, processes, and procedures
  • Public awareness and customer relations programs
  • Tariff structuring and subsidy analysis design/options
  • Rate case application preparations and strategic reviews
  • Competition policy and regulatory reform in key sectors

Competitive Utility Management core competencies:

  • Restructuring, commercializing, and corporatizing utilities
  • Corporate governance planning and implementation
  • Utility financial management, budgeting and investment planning
  • Customer service and communication strategies
  • Employee redeployment and workforce productivity
  • E-government and IT solutions to expand and improve services
  • Mergers and acquisition planning

Private sector client services:

  • Assist in establishment of fund and definition of fund objectives
  • Analyze framework
  • Identify attractive projects
  • Develop business case
  • Project economics, feasibility, ROE
  • Support formation of bidding team , preparation of bid documents
  • Divestiture/reconcession strategy support

Each practice area is active in the following sectors:

  • Environmental infrastructure (water supply, wastewater treatment, solid waste management)
  • Municipal infrastructure (solid waste management, urban transportation, parks & recreation, and other general government services)
  • Social infrastructure (Slum Rehabilitation Scheme, education reform, and health care services)
  • Energy (generation, transmission and distribution)
  • Telecommunications (both new age and traditional telephony, spectrum management, internet, and e-commerce)
  • Transportation (roads, railways, mass urban transit, airports & sea ports)

Information communications and technology – ICT (e-Government, e-Procurement, and e-Learning)