Public Finance

In the area of Public Finance, TUSPL has assisted the reform-minded state governments in undertaking fiscal reforms. This broadly includes revenue augmentation strategies, expenditure restructuring techniques and debt management measures. We are also involved in the process of accountability improvement across the cross-section of stakeholders of the governments.

TUSPL has been active in assisting the reform-minded state governments as well as the bilateral/ multilateral institutions in undertaking fiscal reforms in the states. Our  clients are mainly Municipal Corporations & Planning agencies like MMRDA, which have adapted intensive programs to accelerate the reforms’ process. In the area of expenditure restructuring, we have assisting them in undertaking sector analysis, efficiency analysis, effectiveness analysis and re-prioritization of expenditure. In the area of debt management, the assistance includes debt-substitution; interest swap and guarantees’ risk assessment. The revenue augmentation is focused mainly on identification of the additional revenue mobilization measures.